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Website Conversion Best Practices for Redesigning Your Site

Your business’s website can be a lot of things—a portal for information, a branding opportunity, a resource for like-minded professionals, an example of web design at its best and more.

But at its core, any great business website is a tool for bringing in revenue. For many companies that means converting through lead generation.

Despite this, many websites don’t convert at nearly the rate they could—or should. This could be for a number of different reasons, but one common point many sites suffer from is a lack of proper planning.

Why Facebook Ads Are Wasting Your Money

Facebook is one of the most effective advertising platforms. Between its billions of active users and cutting edge advertising platform, there’s no business in any industry that can’t see a significant return from investing in Facebook ads.

Of course, building a positive return from Facebook advertising depends on making sure that you’re doing it right.

Poor planning and implementation of a Facebook advertising campaign is a surefire way to turn what could be a goldmine into a money pit. Too many marketers end up wasting money on Facebook ads by falling prey to a handful of common mistakes.

How to Create a 90-Day Social Media Marketing Plan

Social media marketing, like most things, works best when you put some thought into it first. Posting whatever random thoughts pop into your mind might be an effective social strategy for the average person, but for a professional marketer it falls well short of the mark.

This doesn’t mean you need to have every post planned to the letter for the rest of your life, but a little deliberation can go a long way in maximizing the effectiveness of your social strategy.

A good way to reap the benefits of working ahead without overwhelming yourself or your team is to plan your social media marketing ahead in 90-day increments.

5 Examples of How to Use Drip Marketing for Lead Nurturing

Generating sales leads is tough. Really tough. So tough in fact that a lot of inbound marketers can completely neglect the half of the job that comes after lead generation—lead nurturing.

If you’re reading this, then odds are you’re already one of the smart marketers who knows how important lead nurturing is, and how effective automated emails and drip marketing are for moving prospects through your sales funnel. (According to Capterra, 89% of marketers say that email is their primary channel for lead generation.)

But that doesn’t mean you don’t need a little inspiration to help hone or refine your drip campaign to operate at its best.

6 Essential Steps for Successful Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing—sometimes known as drip marketing—is one of the most important parts of the inbound marketing process. Lead nurturing takes qualified leads and builds a relationship with them as they travel through the sales funnel. 

Lead nurturing isn’t a simple process. It involves a series of specific steps, each of which is essential to the ones that follow. If you’re in the early stages of a lead nurturing campaign, take a look at the 6 essential steps below to learn what the process entails and how to get started.

How to Maximize Your Visual Brand with Social Media Marketing

First impressions are everything. It’s true about people and it’s true about brands. That’s one of the reasons it’s so important to take care of your appearance. For people that means dressing well and maybe even brushing your teeth. For businesses it’s all about having an appealing, eye-catching visual brand.

A visual brand is the collection of unique design elements that communicate a business’s personality and values through subtle visual cues. Think Coca-Cola’s distinct cursive logo and red and white color palette, or the elegant simplicity of Lexus’s black and silver motif.

Most businesses recognize the importance of cultivating a distinct visual brand, but even fewer follow through on actually creating one. That’s unfortunate, because as social media becomes more visually focused—and more ubiquitous—having a recognizable visual brand is more important than ever.

How to Run a Twitter Marketing Campaign: Everything You Need to Know

Twitter is one of the most popular social media networks on the planet. In the decade since its introduction, Twitter has grown from a niche microblogging platform into a tech giant that boasts a household name, over 300 million active users and a lot of potential for marketers to make an impact.

Twitter’s advertising platform, Twitter for Business, is a powerful, cost-effective way for brands to raise awareness, drive traffic, increase conversions and a lot more.

Like anything worth doing, running a Twitter marketing campaign is worth doing well. If you’re not familiar with managing an ad campaign on Twitter, navigating the process for the first time can be a daunting task.

If you’re about to dip your toe into Twitter marketing, this guide should help you learn the basic steps and get started right.

9 Awesome Lead Generation Ideas for Service-Based Businesses

Sometimes in marketing it can be easy to miss the forest for the trees. Marketers spend so much time looking at impressions, likes, click-through rates and other metrics that the campaign’s ultimate goal can become obscured. For service-based businesses, that means generating new sales leads.

All the website traffic and ad impressions in the world don’t make for good marketing if they can’t deliver new leads. If you’re a marketer for a service-based business interested in some creative lead-generation ideas, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorites below.


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