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2018 Digital Design: Exciting Trends to Look For

As much as any year in recent memory, 2018 is going to bring significant changes in digital design. Web developers will have many new technologies and techniques to master. And as they do, marketers will need to determine the best ways to take advantage of these advances to improve website usability and increase visitor engagement.

At THINK creative group, we’re thrilled about the possibilities and already working on how to incorporate new features and functions into our designs. Not only do we recognize the benefits of capitalizing on the new technology, we understand that in web development (as in business in general), you’ve got to stay ahead of the curve or you’ll quickly be left behind.

How to Optimize Your Blogs for SEO

Ask a company why it blogs and you’ll get many different answers. They’ll say, “We blog to share our point of view,” or “We’re working to establish ourselves as thought leaders in our industry,” or “We want to give our customers and prospects a look inside our company.” All of these are admirable goals. But, let’s be honest. Far and away the top reason organizations blog is to get the attention of prospects.

And in order to do that, you have to be thinking about search engine optimization (SEO) as you craft your post.

Why Facebook Ads Should Be Part of Your 2018 Strategy

Have you embraced Facebook Ads yet? Or is 2018 going to be your year? Either way, here's what you need to know about making Facebook Ads a major part of your 2018 marketing plan.

Only 2 years ago, social media was just one component in our marketing strategies. Today, social media is leading our strategies for quite a few reasons.

Your Comprehensive Guide to the Facebook Pixel

Do you know what the Facebook Pixel is? If not, you should. It is, perhaps, the most beneficial tool that Facebook provides for marketers. This pixel tracks and monitors how successful your ads are, gives you more accurate conversion rates and allows you to create custom audiences based on your website traffic.

Most likely you've heard a lot of talk about the Facebook Pixel (some of it from us!), but if you don't already know what it is and how to install it, keep reading.

How to Create Your Inbound Strategy: 6 Key Questions to Ask

Inbound marketing is a strategy that, when executed properly, can deliver great results. But, the key phrase there is “when executed properly.” In order for your inbound strategy to be effective, you have to create a well-reasoned and detailed plan. And in order to do that, you have to ask yourself some key questions.

Your marketing strategy will likely include granular tactics, but before going into that kind of detail you need to step back and look at the big picture.

The Best Holiday Ads of 2017

Okay, we admit it. We watch a little more TV around the holidays than normal. (A Christmas Story on repeat? Sign us up!) And maybe, just maybe those outbound television ads kind of have a good thing going. While they won’t replace Facebook Ads for hyper targeting a business’s prime audience, holiday ads inject a dose of storytelling and emotion into an otherwise uber commercial marketing tactic. (Just ask Charlie Brown if he approves…)

So, for no other reason but that they give us all the feels, we present the best holiday ads of 2017…some are definitely destined to become classics!

Photos vs. Video: How to Make an Impact with Your Storytelling

Humans have been communicating through images for tens of thousands of years. We know this from drawings on cave walls around the world. And we know it from our own experience. With no disrespect to the power of the written word, when faced with a paragraph of text or an image that both communicate the same information, we gravitate to the image virtually without exception. We’re deeply wired for taking in information visually.

There was a time when still photography was the only visual communication option available to marketers. But with the advent of more cost-effective tools for capturing and editing “motion pictures,” as well as the internet and sharing platforms like Facebook, video has become a very powerful way to connect with your target audience.

This, of course, leaves you with a dilemma if you want to include visual storytelling in a project: should you use photography or video? Your answer to that question is an important one, as it can have a significant impact on the effectiveness of your campaign. Your choice should never come down to “gut feel” or a coin flip. It’s important that you give serious consideration to what medium will work best.

Cart Abandonment: What You Need to Know and How to Fix It

It’s the time of year that online stores are gearing up for (and if you’re not…what are you waiting for?). A slew of new campaigns are sure to be rolling out over the next two months for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the entire holiday season.

So with the anticipated increase in traffic, what’s your plan to capitalize on people who have been lurking around your ecommerce site, maybe even adding to the cart, but not purchasing?

Start getting the marketing results you deserve.