Why You Need Email Automation for Facebook Ads Campaigns

Blog_FacebookAdsEmailAutomation.jpgI talk with clients or businesses all the time that think that Facebook™ Ads are their silver bullet. They’ve heard the hype and are ready to dive in and try it. They're right...sort of. It is absolutely the most effective tool to drive strategic, measurable results—fast. But they cannot stand alone.

Whether you're an ecommerce business looking to increase sales or a service business looking to generate massive leads, Facebook Advertising can absolutely deliver. But we all know that it takes on average, 7-13 touches before someone will convert. We have to think about lead nurturing working together with your ads. And we have to think cross-channel to do it.

What is Full-Funnel?

You may hear us say "full-funnel" a lot. While every specialty has its jargon, this concept completely aligns with the inbound marketing theory. The key to successful Facebook ad funnels is knowing how to stack campaigns to create a full lead nurturing campaign. Otherwise, you're leaving a lot of possible leads and sales on the table.

The best part about Facebook Ads is that it's not regimented in how you use it. You have over 10 different campaign objectives at your fingertips with endless possibilities for creating full-funnel ad campaigns. Get creative, look at your buyer's journey and see how and when to use ads to maximize your sales process—and return on ad spend (ROAS). For example:

  • Use videos and blogs at the top of your funnel to increase engagement and reach.
  • Then stack your campaigns to lead prospects through your funnel with engagement-focused ads.
  • And once they're ready, retarget them again with an action-oriented campaign. Use lead form ads, conversion and DPAs.

"Get creative with your #FacebookAds—test using them in top, middle and bottom of the funnel to get the best ROAS" TWEET THIS

Make a Plan

But that's just part of the plan. Any digital campaign that puts all its eggs in one basket is setting itself up for limited results—and potential failure. Just as no man is an island, no digital marketing plan should be either. Facebook ads may be the cornerstone of your strategy, but they can't live in isolation.

When we're developing a digital strategy, we look at the overall goals we're aiming for, the pain points of the audience and what assets we have at our fingertips. Then we start sketching out the funnel and flow. Here is one example of an active funnel we run:

example integrated facebook ads funnel

“You don’t have to always be running ads or use them for every campaign. But if you can’t effectively use paid media to amplify your inbound marketing strategy, you’re going to lose to the competition.”

Read more from Marcus Andrews in his great article for HubSpot.

email opens stats

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email campaign reach stats

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Email automation is to Facebook Ads as jelly is to peanut butter. They just go together...and make something totally delicious while they're at it. If you're not leveraging the combination of email marketing with your ads on Facebook, you're not just leaving crumbs on the table...you're leaving a feast there.

If you're running into issues with your Facebook Ads strategy, or are ready to get started, reach out and set up a complimentary call with our lead strategist.

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