Your marketing team and your sales team take care of two very different parts of the sales process. It can be a seamless relationship that benefits your customers and your business, or it can be a tension-filled struggle that leads to little conversation and a lack of understanding on both sides.

If your sales and marketing teams haven't been working together, check out these five reasons why improving that relationship with integrated sales and marketing is critical.

Reason #1: It Decreases Customer Confusion

Is the marketing team making promises that the sales team can't live up to? Does the sales team roll their eyes and complain that the marketing team has no idea what they're actually selling? Unfortunately, this can be highly detrimental to the sales process. It confuses customers, leaving them disappointed with products that would fit their needs just fine, if only they were answering the promises made in marketing.

Reason #2: Sales Teams Have a Better Picture of Customer Needs

The sales team works directly with customers every day. They get to listen to what customers need, discuss their desires and discover what they really want out of their products. This means that the sales team ends up with a much more accurate picture of customer needs than the marketing team. When the two teams work together, the marketing team is able to utilize more effective strategies that reach customers more efficiently.