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How Valentine's Day Became a Billion Dollar Business

Valentine’s Day will soon be here and the scent of roses, chocolate and candy hearts is in the air! Or is it the scent of dollar bills? While its origin is a little cloudy, one thing about this most romantic of holidays is clear—the power of marketing has turned Valentine’s Day into a multi-billion dollar business.

In fact, as it approached last year, the National Retail Federation predicted that U.S. consumers would spend $18.2 billion on cards, candy, and gifts!

6 Reasons Your Prospects Love H2H Marketing

If you ask most companies today what space they’re in, they’ll say either “B2B” or “B2C.” This is the shorthand they use to indicate whether they market to businesses or consumers. And the acronyms are accurate. Historically, businesses have marketed to groups of people.

But, as markets get more crowded with competitors, it’s becoming clear that crafting campaigns and messaging meant to appeal to broadly defined groups just won’t cut it anymore. It’s time to explore a new approach: H2H marketing.

The Effective Marketing Strategies You Need to Know For 2018


It's clear that businesses who want to remain competitive will need to make some sweeping changes as 2018 approaches. To most marketers, this isn't news. In answer to this shift in customer perspective, marketing professionals will need to make substantial changes to keep up.

Marketing professionals have been losing faith in their current marketing strategies for quite some time—they need fresh tactics to bolster their current strategy and keep up with consumer trends and preferences. As we head into 2018, the time for developing and implementing a new strategy is imperative. 

Podcasting as Content Marketing: How to Make in Impact with a Podcast

Only a minority of American users actually know what podcasts are, and even fewer have any interest in listening to them. With only 21% of Americans listening to podcasts each month, it seems like this fairly unpopular form of content won't stand a chance of reaching your audience. 

But if you think podcasts are obsolete, it's time to take another look. In fact, podcasts are on the rise—and you can utilize this valuable form of content for your business.

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