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How to Make LinkedIn the Backbone of Your B2B Marketing Strategy

Marketing is never easy, but B2B marketing can be especially tough. Not only is the pool of potential clients and customers a great deal smaller than the general population, but prospects that do exist tend to be more informed and discerning.

Changes to marketing and business in general due to the growth of the Internet over the past 20 years have made things more complicated as well. Traditional B2B tactics like print marketing are increasingly falling by the wayside, with the new and rapidly evolving digital ecosystem filling in the gaps. Nowhere is this trend more apparent than with the rise of social media channels like LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Ads: 6 Tips for the Most Effective Results

Right now, you might only be using LinkedIn for it's basic purpose—to network. But the platform today is so much more than that. LinkedIn Ads are an extremely effective tool for targeting your buyer personas, pushing your content and generating leads.

Your inbound marketing efforts should include LinkedIn Ads, especially if you are in a B2B industry. Unlike other social platforms, LinkedIn is specifically for professionals looking to work with and work for active, engaged and influential companies and individuals. If you want to get in front of this crowd, LinkedIn Ads are the way to go. Here, we take a look at why they're valuable and give you tips for developing your own LinkedIn Ads.

LinkedIn: 5 Ways You Need to Optimize Your Company Page

LinkedIn is one of the most effective social media platforms for improving your inbound marketing. It's especially powerful for B2B companies as many LinkedIn users are business owners, managers, recruiters and other professionals. Yet many businesses join LinkedIn and put up a profile without ever taking advantage of its many benefits. 

You may post occasionally on LinkedIn, not fully understanding its value for your company, putting more of your focus on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. But to really maximize your social media strategy, it's important to learn how LinkedIn works for your business and with your inbound marketing. Here are 5 strategies to begin experiencing more traffic and ultimately, more growth, with your LinkedIn company page.

Duplicate Content and SEO: 7 Things You Absolutely Need to Know


If reposting content to other websites like Medium or LinkedIn Pulse is part of your strategy, you've probably been wondering if it will have a negative impact on your SEO and what you can do about it.

To make the most of the research, editing and hard work that goes into writing your articles, you need to know how to re-use your content for the best all-around results. Here's what you need to know about duplicate content and SEO. 

Your Easy Downloadable Social Media Cheat Sheet

Do you remember when we talked about having the ultimate cheat sheet for social media image sizes back in January?

As we all know, social media is ever changing and you guessed it...some of the dimensions have already changed. We know you want to stay up on best practices, just like we do, so we've created the handiest cheat sheet for you.

Start getting the marketing results you deserve.