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The Top Facebook Advertising Benchmarks You Need to Know

With more than a billion active users and an advertising platform that boasts cutting-edge targeting and analytics, Facebook is more than just the world’s most popular social media network—it’s a window into the future of advertising—and a modern day marketing bonanza.

If you’re already taking advantage of advertising with Facebook, you’re aware of its awesome potential.

But for all its advantages, advertising on Facebook can leave many marketers overwhelmed—especially when it comes to measuring results. Social media marketing in general, and Facebook advertising specifically, are in many ways still a new frontier for marketers, and many in the industry are still working out the best ways to gauge the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Why Facebook Ads Are Wasting Your Money

Facebook is one of the most effective advertising platforms. Between its billions of active users and cutting edge advertising platform, there’s no business in any industry that can’t see a significant return from investing in Facebook ads.

Of course, building a positive return from Facebook advertising depends on making sure that you’re doing it right.

Poor planning and implementation of a Facebook advertising campaign is a surefire way to turn what could be a goldmine into a money pit. Too many marketers end up wasting money on Facebook ads by falling prey to a handful of common mistakes.

Is Your Business a Good Fit for Facebook Advertising?

With more than a billion active daily users, there’s no question that Facebook offers a huge opportunity for marketers. No matter what industry you’re in or who your target market is, it’s overwhelmingly likely that someone you want to reach is on Facebook at any given moment.

But advertising on Facebook isn’t easy. There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding if your business is a good fit for Facebook advertising. Your industry, your target audience, buyer personas, budget and more all need to be considered. But most importantly, you need to set your goals clearly so you can monitor your campaign's performance—are you generating consistent, high-quality leads, or just wasting money? 

How Effective Is Facebook Advertising? The Truth about Facebook ROI

Since its founding over a decade ago, Facebook has grown from an online novelty for Ivy League undergrads into a global powerhouse that affects the day-to-day lives of almost everyone in the country. The fuel behind this unprecedented rise has been advertising.

The social network generated almost $27 billion in advertising revenues in 2016, up from only $764 million in 2009—an increase of over 3,400% in the space of less than a decade.

What You Need to Know About Creating Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are winning. How do we know? Since 2010, they've grown over 680%. Advertisers and marketers from companies large and small are moving their attention and their budget to the social media giant to create people-centric campaigns. And while Google AdWords still have their place to reach people searching for specific keywords, Facebook Ads focus on who the person is, not what they’re searching.

Since algorithms continue to change on social media, brands have to fight for their content to show up on streams. As a result, you'll be seeing more social ads than ever before. NOW is the time for your marketing team to weave Facebook Ads into your overarching marketing plan. Why the urgency to hop on the Facebook Ads train? Right now, cost per click is still low enough to find good ROI in social ads—but Gary Vanyerchuck at HubSpot’s Inbound16 conference warned that will change within the next year and a half. 


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