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How to Market Your Facebook Live Event

As video becomes an increasingly important part of an effective marketing strategy, forward-thinking companies are realizing that live video takes the engagement factor to new levels. While there are a number of platforms for delivering live video that boosts brand awareness, Facebook Live is far and away the most popular. As evidence of its dominance, its usage has surged by 330% since the platform was launched to the general public in early 2016.

Why is Facebook Live enjoying such tremendous popularity? For one thing, it’s free and easy to use. Plus, in contrast to scripted, recorded video, it’s authentic and therefore very captivating. We all empathize with, and root for, the person who is “working without a net.”

Your Easy Downloadable Social Media Cheat Sheet

Do you remember when we talked about having the ultimate cheat sheet for social media image sizes back in January?

As we all know, social media is ever changing and you guessed it...some of the dimensions have already changed. We know you want to stay up on best practices, just like we do, so we've created the handiest cheat sheet for you.

Start getting the marketing results you deserve.