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Why You Need Email Automation for Facebook Ads Campaigns

I talk with clients or businesses all the time that think that Facebook™ Ads are their silver bullet. They’ve heard the hype and are ready to dive in and try it. They're right...sort of. It is absolutely the most effective tool to drive strategic, measurable results—fast. But they cannot stand alone.

Whether you're an ecommerce business looking to increase sales or a service business looking to generate massive leads, Facebook Advertising can absolutely deliver. But we all know that it takes on average, 7-13 touches before someone will convert. We have to think about lead nurturing working together with your ads. And we have to think cross-channel to do it.

5 Signs You Absolutely Need Good Marketing Automation

Marketers have always worn many hats, but never as many as they do today. Today, marketers have to be copywriters, designers, programmers and data analysts—often in the same day. But while this paradigm produces lots of well-rounded, highly versatile marketing teams, it can also lead to inefficiency...and overwork. That’s where marketing automation comes in.

Odds are if you’ve been in marketing for any length of time over the past several years you’ve heard of marketing automation. But if you’re like a lot of people, you’ve been too busy actually doing the hard work of marketing to ever learn how to automate or if you’d even want to.

Automated Email Marketing: What It Is and Why You Need to Be Doing It

Almost every modern marketer knows the importance of email in today’s environment. But actively managing every campaign can be expensive, time-consuming and nearly impossible to scale. That’s where automated email marketing comes to the rescue. But what is automated email marketing?  

Automated email marketing is exactly what it sounds like—a form of direct marketing that works by automatically sending custom emails to prospects and customers when certain triggers are activated.

Drip Campaign Best Practices: Aligning with the Buyer's Journey

Congratulations! Your inbound marketing strategy is working and that recent whitepaper you gated is netting a ton of conversions. Now that you have new leads, what do you do with them? Instead of dropping them directly into your general subscribers list, take the time to strategically map out drip campaigns that align with the buyer's journey to move these leads through the sales funnel.

Aligning your drip campaigns with the buyer's journey is a critical way to ensure that you're providing the right content to the right people at the right time—the core principle of inbound marketing.

How to Make More of Your Email With Smart Automated Marketing

Email marketing has long been a standby of many companies. But if you aren't paying attention to the latest developments in email marketing, you're missing out on a heavy dose of marketing firepower. 

The goal of marketing automation is to increase your overall sales by providing customized information that will reach your leads and create the sense of urgency they need to convert to paying customers. Properly handling your email marketing will allow you to accomplish this goal and build your business.

How to Segment Email Lists: Email Segmentation Best Practices

With all the buzz about targeted emails and personalized content, you know that you need to segment your email lists, dividing them according to buyer personas and creating individualized emails for your recipients that are specific to their needs. There's just one problem—you're not quite sure how to accomplish that.

What is the right way to segment your email lists? How do you decide which customer goes on which list? This simple strategy will make it easier to divide your customers into groups, segmenting your list so that you're able to accurately target each potential buyer according to their needs.

How to Nurture Leads with Email Marketing: 5 Email Marketing Strategies

Businesses that use campaigns to nurture their leads see a 45% increase in ROI. THAT'S HUGE.

[Statistic courtesy of business2community.com]

Drip Marketing Basics: How to Effectively Nurture and Convert

Lead nurturing should be a critical component of your marketing strategy. Unfortunately, many businesses have been slow to understand the power of drip marketing for lead nurturing.

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