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How Valentine's Day Became a Billion Dollar Business

Valentine’s Day will soon be here and the scent of roses, chocolate and candy hearts is in the air! Or is it the scent of dollar bills? While its origin is a little cloudy, one thing about this most romantic of holidays is clear—the power of marketing has turned Valentine’s Day into a multi-billion dollar business.

In fact, as it approached last year, the National Retail Federation predicted that U.S. consumers would spend $18.2 billion on cards, candy, and gifts!

5 Commercials That Play With Our Emotions (In a Good Way)

Advertisers have a hard time cutting through the clutter nowadays. Especially since the opportunity to get in front of eyeballs has diminished with the advent of video giants like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon who are largely commercial-free. When commercials have less of an audience than ever, there's no room for error—they need to be good. 

This gives marketers a huge challenge—and opportunity—for how can they put their product in front of an audience while maintaining their attention? What better way to do that than to tug at the audience's heartstrings or get them to laugh? When viewers are touched by a concept, they want to share it with others—and I should know, because I am one of those people. This has become the new golden prize for marketers—virality. Create a video or ad that people want to share online so you maximize your reach and impressions.

Here are my 5 favorite ad campaigns that use emotion and humor in creative, thought-provoking ways.

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Email Marketing: 5 Essential Tips

Email marketing—what would businesses do without it?

“73% of marketers agree that #email #marketing is core to their business” TWEET THIS
[Statistic courtesy of Salesforce]

That's a lot of businesses who use email marketing—and we're not surprised because email marketing is here to stay. This beginner's guide going to spill secrets on how to perfect your email marketing tactics while sharing important tips for your next campaign.

Start getting the marketing results you deserve.