How to Market Your Facebook Live Event

Blog_HowToPromoteYourFBLiveEvent.jpgAs video becomes an increasingly important part of an effective marketing strategy, forward-thinking companies are realizing that live video takes the engagement factor to new levels. While there are a number of platforms for delivering live video that boosts brand awareness, Facebook Live is far and away the most popular. As evidence of its dominance, its usage has surged by 330% since the platform was launched to the general public in early 2016.

Why is Facebook Live enjoying such tremendous popularity? For one thing, it’s free and easy to use. Plus, in contrast to scripted, recorded video, it’s authentic and therefore very captivating. We all empathize with, and root for, the person who is “working without a net.”

“Facebook Live is by far the most popular platform of its kind, with usage that has surged 330% since its launch.” TWEET THIS

The Power of Promotion

Facebook Live events are a proven way to create positive interactions with your audience. However, an essential element there is actually having an audience. If people don’t know about your event, they can’t attend. You’ve got to take steps to create awareness and interest.

Facebook does provide an interactive map showing where Live events are currently taking place. But despite how cool it is, it’s not really a marketing tool. So, it’s up to you to create buzz around your event. Here are some steps we encourage you to take:

Promote your event in advance.

The keys here are understanding how far in advance to start your promotion and how often to provide reminders. Alert people too far in advance and it’s possible (read: likely) that they will forget about the event. Contact them for the first time too close to the event date and they may already have a conflict on their calendar.

We recommend starting your outreach 1-2 weeks before the event. This gives your audience a reasonable heads up. And, if you're hosting a Q&A like a few of our clients do, it allows you to ask for and receive questions from your audience that you will address during the event. As for outreach frequency… you know your audience best. Just be sure you don’t oversaturate them and make sure other valuable content types are in the mix as well.

Use all the channels available to you.

Post notifications on social media across all your channels, add a highly visible reminder to key pages of your website, display a countdown timer on landing pages and in emails and use Facebook Ads to highlight your event.

And, because sometimes people get caught up in a task and don’t see the start time approaching, sending a last minute “My event starts shortly!” reminder via email or Facebook post is a great idea.

Use the event as a conversion opportunity.

Create a landing page on your website to collect questions or other information in advance—and the attendee’s contact information at the same time. Remember, conversions are a top goal in marketing, so if there's no way for a lead to convert, there goes your goal.

Create strong calls to action.

Put CTAs on your website or in promotional emails to drive people to your landing page or Facebook page. And encourage people to follow your Facebook page so that they’ll get an alert just before the event. 

Don't overlook post-event promotion.

The best part about Facebook Live is that it's a gift that keeps on giving. For the rest of eternity (or until the end of Facebook...whichever comes first), the recorded version of your Facebook Live event will be available on your Facebook page.

This means you have a huge opportunity to market to people who couldn’t attend the live session or those who want to watch again. Drum up interest by creating a new piece of content like a blog post summarizing the event with the video embedded directly in the post and pushing this recap blog out on social media, in marketing emails and on your website. That recorded session is valuable content, so milk it for all it’s worth! 

TIP: Did you know that you can create a Facebook ad of your Facebook Live video? This is an incredible way to get your video viewed by your target audience and help boost your brand awareness.

Amending the Statement “Content is King”

With the advent of content marketing came the mantra, “Content is king.” However, it appears that audiences today are putting a finer point on that statement and making it, “Live video content is king.” Facebook Live events, properly promoted, can put your offering head and shoulders above that of your competitors who don’t use video in their marketing. And the beautiful thing is that with this approach the “barrier to entry” is virtually nonexistent.

If you’re ready to add Facebook Live video to your marketing mix, we can help! Contact us today and let’s talk about how to get your company in front of the camera and to the top of your prospects' minds.

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