How to Generate More Leads: Our Top 5 Favorite Tools

Blog_Top5FavoriteLeadGenerationTools.jpgCreating a strong stream of high-quality leads requires that you have an in-depth understanding of your audience and its needs, a solid marketing strategy, and great content. But even if you have developed all those components, your lead generation “machine” won’t fire on all cylinders unless you have the right tools in place.

Through years of working with a variety of the most innovative and feature-rich systems available, we’ve found five tools that we feel are indispensable to marketers. Can your marketing team achieve some measure of success without them? Of course. But if you want to optimize your lead generation efforts, we recommend you take a look at what these platforms have to offer.

“Your lead generation ‘machine’ won’t fire on all cylinders unless you have the right tools in place.” TWEET THIS

1. HubSpot Marketing Free

Formerly known as LeadIn, HubSpot Marketing Free is a collection of tools that will help you convert visitors into leads. We use it to create pop-overs that grab a visitor’s attention and to gather emails to add to a contact list, but it’s also great for managing the download of gated content.

As soon as a site visitor shares their email, you’ll know — in real time — who they are, who they work for, and how they have navigated your site. Information available from around the internet, including from social profiles, is pulled in automatically. And when they pay your site another visit, tracking of their behavior resumes, with all activity available to you in a clear, concise timeline. Plus, as the name states, it’s FREE! 

Leadin example

See that email sign up box in the lower righthand corner? That's a free lead gen tool from HubSpot!

2. Facebook Ads

Our clients and readers or our blog know that we are big fans of Facebook Ads. Why? In short, because they work… really, really well! Not only does Facebook provide advertisers with the most powerfully granular targeting capability of any platform, it also gives you so many ad options to choose from.

One of our favorites is what is known as a “lead ad.” Lead ads are optimized for mobile devices and allow a prospect to connect with you quickly and efficiently. When they click on an ad, the information they’ve already provided to Facebook is pre-populated in a form that they can then submit. According to Facebook, most mobile forms take 38.5 percent longer to complete than desktop versions. Not so with lead ads. They make it very easy for prospects to get in touch.

3. Instapage

Instapage bills itself as “The Most Powerful Landing Page Platform for Marketing Teams & Agencies,” and we have to agree! We use it to build landing pages designed to work with Facebook Ads, other pay-per-click ads, and a wide range of lead magnets. Instapage’s page-building functionality includes customizable templates and mobile responsive pages that ensure prospects have a great experience no matter how they access a page.

As for lead generation, the platform provides a form builder that lets you create frictionless multi-step forms, lead notification, lead routing, exit intent popups, and much more. Plus it includes A/B testing capability, heatmaps, drop-in pixel tracking, and real-time reports, just to name a few of the optimization features. 

Instapage example.png

Here's an example of a in-progress landing page from Instapage.

4. Klaviyo

Perhaps the least known and most frequently mispronounced of our top five favorite tools (it’s “clay-v-oh,” by the way), Klaviyo is a tool for email marketing that is an absolute must-have for e-commerce businesses. The system makes it easy for marketers to use data to target, personalize, measure, and optimize email and Facebook campaigns.

In addition to the great results it helps us deliver for our clients, we love that it is intuitive and easy to setup and use. You don’t have to have a data scientist on staff to get the significant bump in campaign performance that the smart use of data always provides. Klaviyo allows you to integrate information from many sources so that it is readily available and can drive stronger results with proven email engagement techniques like the Welcome, Abandoned Cart, and Win Back series.

5. HubSpot

It’s plain to see from the fact that HubSpot has two entries in our top five list that to say we are fans would be an understatement. Converts? Fanatics? Yes, those are closer to the truth! HubSpot is an all-in-one tool that encompasses email marketing, social media marketing, landing pages, calls to action, forms, blogs, websites, and more. Plus we love their free customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

To provide even a brief mention of all of the platform’s functionality would take multiple blog posts. Suffice it to say that we’re firm believers that every company should be capitalizing on HubSpot’s powerful and intuitive features if they want to excel at inbound marketing. And we’re not alone in that opinion. The company says it has 34,000 customers in 90 countries. Yes, it’s that good!

What’s in Your Toolkit? 

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