Common Mistakes Made by Facebook Marketers

Blog_CommonMistakesMadebyFacebookMarketers.jpgFacebook Ads are by far the most targeted of any online ads. And if smart marketers spend their ad dollars where they deliver the best return (and they do!), then the platform’s revenue growth from $2 billion in 2010 to $12.5 billion in 2014 should give you some idea of its effectiveness.

However, Facebook Ads aren't exactly beginner-friendly. It takes some time and effort to understand all the options available to you and how to use them to drive exceptional results. That’s why it’s not uncommon to see companies new to Facebook advertising making some mistakes in their strategy.

Make the Most of Your Facebook Ads by Avoiding These Mistakes

Honestly, even a poorly designed and executed Facebook Ad strategy is likely to deliver better results than one utilizing other ad platforms. But, don’t be fooled… you can achieve even greater success if you simply avoid some of the most common mistakes that marketers make.

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Here are the problems we see most often when companies call on us to help them get back on track:

Relying on boosted posts rather than ads

People who don’t understand the difference between boosted posts and Facebook Ads sometimes opt to go with boosting, which ultimately does not allow their campaigns to reach their full potential. 

Failing to have goals

If you don’t have defined objectives, it’s difficult to know if your Facebook Ads are succeeding, and therefore whether or not they should be tweaked. There are a number of actions you can track to determine how your ads are performing, including page "likes," post engagement, email opt-ins, click throughs, etc.

Believing they only need one ad

Different ads will appeal to different people. You can, and should, test multiple ads to see which one performs best with your target audience. And that’s a process that should be ongoing. As your audience changes, so too should your ads.

Using overly broad targeting

The most effective ads are the ones that your target audience feels are directed specifically at them. The Facebook Ads platform allows you to add targeting criteria one at a time to test their effectiveness, and you should take advantage of that capability to increase conversions. 

Directing visitors to their homepage

In order to maximize the effectiveness of your Facebook Ads, they need to take people to a landing page specifically designed for use with the ad and optimized for conversions.

Failing to capture user data

It’s critical that you have the Facebook pixel analytics tool implemented on your site so that you can understand the actions visitors are taking and optimize your campaigns.

Using the wrong ad format

For best results, you need to carefully choose which ad format you think will be most effective based on your audience and goals. Once an ad is launched you can analyze the response to see if the format is working or if you should be making a change.

Using too much text

People today have a very limited attention span. You need to grab their attention and make your point quickly. 

Not using Facebook-optimized or eye-catching images

In order to succeed, your ads need to be visually appealing. 

Doing too much advertising

Facebook users, like any consumers, are happy to see well-targeted ads… to a point. While it’s hard to know when your audience has reached full saturation with your ads, it may be a red flag if you see engagement drop off significantly. 

So, clearly there are some potential pitfalls associated with Facebook advertising. But, they can all be avoided if you are aware of what they are and ready to take action. It also doesn’t hurt to get some guidance from an agency that understands the finer points of the platform.

Let’s Do Some Facebook Ad Strategy Fine-Tuning!

Whether you are a Facebook advertising veteran or have not yet launched your first ad, we can help you ensure that your ads and your strategy are designed to engage the most viewers and drive the maximum traffic to your ad-optimized website.

Contact us today and let’s talk about your objectives. We’ll share the success stories of some of our clients who are gaining a competitive advantage and growing their market share through Facebook Ads.


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