8 Quick Wins to Improve Your Website Optimization

Website Optimization Wins

If you're looking to optimize your website for visitor engagement, one option is to rebuild it from the ground up. And, in some cases, that type of project may be warranted. But, sometimes all you really need is a few quick optimization “wins” to give your website the boost you’re looking for.

In many cases, a few strategic modifications can help you improve engagement, increase conversions, and ultimately generate more sales.

"In many cases, a few strategic modifications can help you improve engagement, increase conversions, and ultimately generate more sales." TWEET THIS

Time-Tested Tactics for Improving Your Website

If you’re looking for quick fixes that will have long-term benefits (and who isn’t?), try some of these tactics: 

1. Optimize your SEO snippet.
While some of your website traffic likely comes from other sources, much of it will be the result of Google searches. It’s easy to overlook the significance of what’s referred to as the SEO snippet—that short descriptive blurb below your URL—but what a potential visitor reads there can make the difference between them visiting your site or that of a competitor. Be sure that your snippet clearly explains what the searcher will find on your site. And, ensure that the search result and the landing page it leads to are perfectly in sync. Nobody likes the old “bait and switch.”   
2. Change the font on your web page copy.
The font you use should be easy to read and large enough to be viewed on a mobile device. If it’s not, simply making a change can help keep people on your site longer and increase the chances that they will convert.
3. Update your content regularly.
The algorithms that search engines use to determine how sites should be ranked like to see that you are producing new content on a regular basis. Adding blog posts and other interesting and engaging content frequently will help move you up the SERPs (search engine results pages).
4. Improve your page content.
Sometimes the key isn’t creating more content for your site, it’s improving the content that’s already there to make it more eye-catching and informative. There are many tools that can quickly show you what content visitors are paying attention to and what content they are ignoring so you can make modifications as needed.
5. Keep your site current.
Is the copyright date at the bottom of your pages off by a few years? Are there broken links on your site? These and other signs of neglect can create a negative impression in the minds of visitors.
6. Review and revise your CTAs.
Your website should have appropriate calls to action (CTAs) in key locations. By “appropriate” we mean CTAs that are relevant to the page, action oriented, and simple. Something like, “Are you ready to learn more about Product XYZ? We’re eager to share the details! Contact us today.” would meet those criteria.
7. Provide an email sign up form in the header or footer.
People are much more likely to subscribe to your email list if they have easy options for doing so. Automated pop-ups, slide-ins, or smart bar sign up reminders also increase subscriptions. In fact, website optimization company Crazy Egg shares a number of stories of subscription rate improvements, including one where a sidebar and pop-up produced a 1,375 percent lift. (Yes, you read that number right. No, you probably shouldn’t expect that kind of improvement!)
8. Simplify your website navigation.
You don't want your website navigation to be overwhelming to a user. The fewer options they have to choose from, the better. Tools like Hotjar and Google Analytics can help you assess how users are moving around on your site.
Iterating Your Way to Impressive Improvement

The beauty of using these kinds of “quick wins” to improve your website is that you can do so iteratively. In other words, you can make a change, gather data for a period of time, assess the data, and then decide if you want to stick with what you’ve got or make another change. Over time, many small tweaks can lead to a big improvement in engagement and conversions.

Is it Time for a Change?

Wondering where to start on the path to a highly optimized website? We can help. From web design to marketing strategy, we can work with you to bring it all together to achieve your sales objectives. Reach out when you’re ready!


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