2018 Digital Design: Exciting Trends to Look For

As much as any year in recent memory, 2018 is going to bring significant changes in digital design. Web developers will have many new technologies and techniques to master. And as they do, marketers will need to determine the best ways to take advantage of these advances to improve website usability and increase visitor engagement.

At THINK creative group, we’re thrilled about the possibilities and already working on how to incorporate new features and functions into our designs. Not only do we recognize the benefits of capitalizing on the new technology, we understand that in web development (as in business in general), you’ve got to stay ahead of the curve or you’ll quickly be left behind.

Where is Digital Design Going in 2018?

Of the many advances in digital design that will affect marketing this year, here are the ones we believe will have the biggest impact:

Mobile-first Focus
Google and other search providers have made it clear in recent years that websites must be mobile-friendly to be highly ranked. This year, Google will be launching its mobile-first index. This game-changing shift means that the company will base its search listings on the mobile version of a website even when delivering those results to desktop users. Why? According to Statista, in 2016, 43.6 percent of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones. That was an 8 percent jump from the prior year, and that rapid growth is expected to continue.
The Rise of SVGs
While scalable vector graphics (SVGs) are not new, it is likely that this is the year they replace formats like PNG, JPG, and GIF. As vector graphics, SVGs don’t use pixels, which means they are highly scalable (i.e., they retain their image quality when resized) and they won’t affect page load speed when animated. If you want to deliver high-quality multimedia experiences on your website, SVGs are a must.
Potent Typography
Greater screen resolution is enabling the use of bigger, bolder, and more creative typefaces. As a result, you are likely to see typography, which has always been an important “language” for web designers, play an even more critical role in digital communication.


The Use of AI
When you hear the term “artificial intelligence” you may think of supercomputers and robots. However, AI is playing an increasingly large role in both the developing and functioning of websites. From an Adobe system that provides “human-augmented” design services to Google’s RankBrain project that is making search more accurate at a staggering pace, the web and its sites will be getting smarter… much smarter… in 2018.

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Embracing Asymmetry
You may not have ever noticed, but web design has historically involved a great deal of symmetry. In 2017, unconventional asymmetrical layouts and a “broken grid” approach first began making an appearance on the web. This trend will really accelerate in 2018 as companies seek to create a look that is distinctive and unique.

More Scroll-Triggered Animations

It has always been challenging to get busy, distracted consumers to scroll down to see more content on a web page. Scroll-triggered animations “reward” a site visitor for scrolling by moving or changing an image to provide more information. And that “joy of discovery” is a very powerful force toward keeping them engaged. Plus, this approach to disseminating information allows a website to be cleaner, with fewer buttons, tabs, and links needed.

Connecting to the Internet of Things

There was a time when a website was more or less a digital brochure. Those days are long gone, of course, and in 2018 we’ll see websites continue to evolve into advanced nerve centers that can automatically receive and make sense of data from virtually any type of powered device anywhere in the world.

 2018 is here. Is your website ready?

While it can be challenging to ensure that your website design always contributes to the best possible user experience, it can be very rewarding as well. In a purchase decision where things are roughly equal, having a cutting-edge website that clearly caters to a prospect’s needs can show them that your company is progressive and forward-thinking, and that difference can help tip the scale in your favor.

If it’s time to take a fresh look at your website in light of all the advances in digital design that are coming in 2018, we can help. Contact us to learn more about our services.

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