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5 Ways Live Chat Can Increase Sales

A potential customer is shopping on your website. It appears they’ve found an item they like, but they have not yet added it to their cart. They’re struggling with their purchase decision because they have a few questions they need answered. The shopper doesn’t really want to pick up the phone and call you, but if they don’t get the information they’re looking for soon, they’re going to leave your site without buying the item. Live chat to the rescue!

Live online chat can have a powerful impact on customer satisfaction and sales. In fact, according to Econsultancy, live chat has the highest satisfaction levels for any customer service channel at 73 percent. Email and phone are a fairly distant second and third with 61 percent and 44 percent respectively.

How Valentine's Day Became a Billion Dollar Business

Valentine’s Day will soon be here and the scent of roses, chocolate and candy hearts is in the air! Or is it the scent of dollar bills? While its origin is a little cloudy, one thing about this most romantic of holidays is clear—the power of marketing has turned Valentine’s Day into a multi-billion dollar business.

In fact, as it approached last year, the National Retail Federation predicted that U.S. consumers would spend $18.2 billion on cards, candy, and gifts!

8 Quick Wins to Improve Your Website Optimization

If you're looking to optimize your website for visitor engagement, one option is to rebuild it from the ground up. And, in some cases, that type of project may be warranted. But, sometimes all you really need is a few quick optimization “wins” to give your website the boost you’re looking for.

In many cases, a few strategic modifications can help you improve engagement, increase conversions, and ultimately generate more sales.

How to Get More from Existing Content

When it comes to maximizing the value of your marketing content, the term “repurpose” should figure prominently in your vocabulary. Too often, marketers take a “one and done” approach to the material they create, leaving much of its long-term value unclaimed. A piece of content is developed and actively promoted for a period of time, but then it is simply put on the shelf and left to gather digital dust. 

A much more effective strategy—both in terms of cost and lead generation—is to find multiple ways to use your content. Not only does this stretch the investment you made in creating it, having prospects see the information again in a different form helps reinforce the message.

It’s 2018. Is Your Digital Marketing Still Relevant?

Marketing strategies tend to come and go, but inbound marketing continues to demonstrate incredible staying power. Why? Two reasons.

First, it just plain works. Establishing a symbiotic relationship with prospects through the sharing of valuable content is so much more effective than inundating them with features and benefits. The second reason that inbound marketing still delivers excellent results after more than a decade (HubSpot coined the phrase back in 2006) is that it recognizes that your audience’s wants and needs evolve, as do the ways you connect with them, and consequently your tactics need to evolve.

2018 Digital Design: Exciting Trends to Look For

As much as any year in recent memory, 2018 is going to bring significant changes in digital design. Web developers will have many new technologies and techniques to master. And as they do, marketers will need to determine the best ways to take advantage of these advances to improve website usability and increase visitor engagement.

At THINK creative group, we’re thrilled about the possibilities and already working on how to incorporate new features and functions into our designs. Not only do we recognize the benefits of capitalizing on the new technology, we understand that in web development (as in business in general), you’ve got to stay ahead of the curve or you’ll quickly be left behind.

How to Optimize Your Blogs for SEO

Ask a company why it blogs and you’ll get many different answers. They’ll say, “We blog to share our point of view,” or “We’re working to establish ourselves as thought leaders in our industry,” or “We want to give our customers and prospects a look inside our company.” All of these are admirable goals. But, let’s be honest. Far and away the top reason organizations blog is to get the attention of prospects.

And in order to do that, you have to be thinking about search engine optimization (SEO) as you craft your post.

Why Facebook Ads Should Be Part of Your 2018 Strategy

Have you embraced Facebook Ads yet? Or is 2018 going to be your year? Either way, here's what you need to know about making Facebook Ads a major part of your 2018 marketing plan.

Only 2 years ago, social media was just one component in our marketing strategies. Today, social media is leading our strategies for quite a few reasons.

Start getting the marketing results you deserve.